Renew your heart,

renew your mind, renew your life.

Renew Girls

3-day retreats for girls and young women

Renew Guys

3-day retreats for guys 15+

Renew Retreats

Renew your heart, renew your mind, renew your life.
Committed to seeing the hearts, minds and lives of young people around the world transformed through authentic relationships with God.    more about renew >


Connection and care
for the individual

Minds renewed
by the Word by God

Surrender & transformation
in every area of life


What is love? What does love look like?

Is it possible to love people but disagree with them at the same time?

Join us to find out how the book of 1 John answers these questions and more. 

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“Had an incredible time at Renew. Words literally can’t describe how good it was!!! Thank you so much…for all your hard work in putting it together!! Can’t wait for next time!!”
“I am convicted of living for my comfort now instead of focusing on eternal stuff that’s actually worth it…I pray that I will glorify God where ever I am…I think we second-generation Christians often know the ABC’s of Christianity so well that we don’t take them seriously anymore, which is sad!”

“My girls loved camp, a big thank you to all of you. The girls looked forward to this event since it was first advertised. They came home enthused and encouraged.”

— Parent

“Renew was structured fantastically, with a great mix of talks, group work, and individual reflection time. I learned so much about our wonderful God and I have been able to take this knowledge and apply it to my everyday walk in the world. But, most importantly for me, I learnt what it was like to really enjoy God’s presence, to bask in the radiance of who He is. I learnt to stop and listen for what God is trying to tell me. To experience this, with other sisters in Christ, was just awesome!”

“Thank you for your involvement with Renew! My girls loved it and have come back bubbling over and glowing.”

— Parent

“I wanted to thank you all so much for a wonderful camp. God showed me a lot of things whilst being there, and I was able to answer a question my brother asked me earlier this morning because of it. It was amazing to be able to share with my brother what God has been showing me over the past week, and encourage him with God’s Word! Thank you all so much.”
“I got more out of these 3 days than I have gotten out of countless devotional and Bible studies.”

“We have seen much fruit from Renew and some of the parents we have talked to have been astounded in the change they have seen in their daughters. The girls and families we have spoken to are really looking forward to next year’s Renew.”

— Parent

“Back from Renew camp feeling like my whole perspective on life, especially relationships, has changed. Best camp ever and my absolute favourite thing I learned…was the prayer wheel. It makes it so much easier to pray for an hour. Best thing to learn. Can’t wait till next year.”

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind...


Romans 12:2