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Our Mission

Renew is a not-for-profit Christian ministry committed to seeing the hearts, minds, and lives of young people around the world transformed through authentic relationships with God.

Our Values

Connection and care
for the individual
Minds renewed
by the Word by God
Surrender & transformation
in every area of life

Our Main Events

Renew Girls and Renew Guys

Every year, the Renew team design a program based on a book of the Bible to address some of the specific challenges young people face today. In 2020, we will be exploring the book of 1 John to find answers to some of the tough questions of life and faith. Each retreat is led by a team who have personally wrestled through these issues and found God to be what He’s promised. Find out more or register for an event.

Ministry Training

Renew is passionate about training and equipping young leaders to be effective in their ministry. We offer training events with an aim to encourage deeper understanding and confidence in those who desire to serve God, as well as equipping them with practical ministry skills which can be easily applied to a variety of settings. Find out more.

Our Organisation

Renew is a ministry of One Mission Society Australia (OMS). OMS partners with over 180 organisations and denominations in 72 countries, working together with the global church to fulfil the Great Commission.

Renew does not seek to usurp local authority but supports the local church. It is non-denominational, not for profit, and is a ministry run by self-funded volunteers.

What We Believe

We believe that God created the universe and all of its contents.

We believe that there is one God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that humanity has done wrong and we are estranged from our Creator, but that God sent His Son, Jesus, to be the sacrifice that we needed to be reconciled to God.

We believe that salvation only comes through a faith in God and repentance of sins.

We believe humanity was created to be known and loved by God, and that our purpose is to have a vibrant relationship with God and to share the transforming message of the Gospel with others.

We believe that the Bible is God-inspired and His infallible Word to us, giving us guidelines on how we should live.

We believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in all believers, empowering us to live godly lives.

We believe in life after death, those who have confessed that Jesus is Lord will see Him in Heaven and live there eternally where there will be no more pain, no more sin, and no more death.

Frequently Asked Questions

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