6–9 DECEMBER 2019: 1 PETER



Join us at a Renew retreat in 2020 for fellowship, worship, speakers, discussions, games and activities. Renew will challenge you to refocus your heart, mind, and life on Jesus.

The theme for Renew’s 2020 retreats is ‘LOVE’. We all crave love, we search for it, and we try so hard to give it. Jesus told His followers to love one another, right? But instead of being known by love Christians today are often criticised for our lack of it.

What is love? What does love look like? Is it possible to love people but disagree with them at the same time? Join us to find out how the book of 1 John answers these questions and more. You’ll come away challenged and perhaps even surprised by how the Bible relates to real life issues and by how much God cares for you and the details of your life.